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26 ONE Bon Secours ANNUAL REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY FY2015 our goals desired future2016 2017 2018 CO-CREATE HEALTHY COMMUNITIES We recognize that the factors which drive health outcomes extend well beyond the scope of traditional health care services. Thus we commit to improve the health of our communities through partnership and collaboration with a broad range of constituencies including committed community residents. Perform a Community Health Needs Assessment in partnership with at least other providers Organize community future searchhealthy communities shared vision events Measure county rankings and well-being index progress Healthy community coalitions and structures in place and active Public health partnerships in place and active Affordable housing initiatives funded Improvement demonstrated in at least two social determinants Gallup self-reported well-being increased Robert Wood Johnson Foundation county health rankings improved Establish county rankings and community well-being index baselines Identify community champions and key stakeholders for coalitions Establish healthy community coalitions and structures and implement priorities Establish public health partnerships and evaluate housing needs Begin implementation of public health priorities Robert Wood Johnson Foundations evidence-based model Complete affordable housing plans and fund initial projects BE PERSON CENTRIC We recognize that those whom we serve are increasingly engaged in their own care and are seeking convenience affordability and reliability. Thus we commit to anticipate and respond to the changing expectations of health care consumers and to ensure that we engage each person in an individualized plan for health with a focus on prevention and wellness. Ensure 100 compliance with the Reliable Care Accountability Matrix RCAM Complete implementation of the ambulatory network plans Ensure pricing transparency exists for all services Convenient care is available 247 primary care retail home and virtual decreasing time to access care Annual wellness visits completed 80 Medicare recipients employees and risk contracted Highest community ranking for perception of most personalized care National Research Corporation achieved Top decile achieved for ACO metrics value-based reimbursement mortality and hospital-acquired conditions Networks are preferred and affordable with our facilities ranked 4 or 5 stars Implement Amwell virtual visits and integrate with ConnectCare Fully implement the Patient-Family Centered Care approach Continue to optimize ConnectCare capabilities Redesign primary care wellness care coordination palliative care and ACO performance measures Launch Super Clinically Integrated Networks CINs and new payor partnerships Caremore Expand BSHSI Insurance Plan Partnerships across local systems SERVE THOSE WHO ARE VULNERABLE We recognize by our Catholic identity that the struggle for a more humane world is not an option but an integral part of spreading the Gospel. Thus we commit to serve those who are vulnerable in many ways addressing health disparities sustaining global ministries healing the environment and working to end violence and oppression. Ensure Madre de Cristo Clinic is fully equipped and operating Open second health clinic in Huancayo Peru Open third health clinic in Peru Impact of global ministries is expanded A leading health disparity is improved or eliminated and availability of behavioral health services is improved Number of uninsured in our communities is reduced by 10 Annual BSHSI water consumption is reduced by 10 Five BSM priorities show positive results Targeted vendors have committed to at least one BSM advocacy priority e.g. human trafficking Implement best practices to enroll and improve access for the uninsured Identify government fundingrebate opportunities for water-conserving technologies Implement WaterSense products landscape watering and cooling tower programs Analyze and prioritize health disparities Educate public officials and employees on five BSM advocacy areas and implement health disparities plan Identify vendors with whom to collaborate on the reduction of human trafficking Develop behavioral health strategies Integrate behavioral health with redesigned primary care and virtual visits Ensure behavioral health practitioners are available in primary care and emergency departments STRENGTHEN OUR CULTURE AND CAPABILITIES We recognize that the health care delivery system is undergoing rapid change with increasing complexity. Thus we commit to liberate the potential of our people by strengthening individual and collective capabilities with respect to ministry leadership knowledge analytics innovation and finances. Grow employee and physician participation in cultural competency and ministry formation by 50 Ensure Cultural Navigators are present in each local system to improve care equity Achieve at least 75 of value-based purchasing commercial and governmental Top decile physician and employee engagement is achieved Diversityequity and inclusion are recognized nationally Retention of entry-level employees increases through just wage and benefit improvements Innovation Institute commercializes three BSHSI ideas Employee health and well-being indicators improve Net revenues exceed 4.0 billion A 4.0 sustainable operating margin is achieved We are culturally operating as One Bon Secours Ensure business analytics platform goes live WISDOM. Automate value-based purchasing measures Organize at least three bundled payment initiatives for each market Through Stewardship lower total cost of care and improve operating performance Continue to hone employee wellness initiatives Increase research opportunities for physicians and employees to innovate and improve care delivery Complete two mergers and acquisitions partnerships Redefine organization redesign to enable the Strategic Quality Plan Increase the number of Medicare recipients in the GoodHelp ACO Ensure enterprise risk management and information technology security reach maturity Assess potential for philanthropic giving in each market Investigate mergers and acquisitions in contiguous geographies and key service lines like home health Grow philanthropy more than 50 from fiscal year 2016 baseline Identify and add new expertise healthy community facilitators and behavioral health leadership Identify and add new expertise epidemiology data scientists and academic affiliations Identify and add new expertise actuarialrisk- based contracting capabilities o u r s t r a t e g i c q u a l i t y p l a n r o a d m a p Haiti South Africa Peru AWAKENING W RLD THE respect compassion justice integrity quality innovation stewardship growth strategic quality plan 2016-2018 our identity our charism The charism of Bon Secours is to bring Gods HEALING COMPASSION and LIBERATION to people in need. Special attention is given to those who are poor sick or dying by helping to alleviate their suffering and bringing them a message of hope and assurance that there is a God who loves them. our mission The Mission of Bon Secours Health System is to bring compassion to healthcare and to be Good Help to Those in Need especially those who are poor and dying. As a system of caregivers we commit ourselves to help bring people and communities to health and wholeness as part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. our vision Inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Charism of Bon Secours As a prophetic Catholic health ministry we will partner with our communities to create a more humane world build social justice for all and provide exceptional value for those we serve. directional statement of bon secours ministries The call of the Gospel is to proclaim and participate in accomplishing Gods hope for the world that all will be united and reconciled . . . with God with each other with ourselves and with all of creation. As Bon Secours we bear witness to the Good News of love of hope of justice and of peace and are called to be protectors of Gods gifts through the ministries entrusted to us. As a ministry of the Catholic Church continuing the healing mission of Jesus and in the tradition of the Sisters of Bon Secours Bon Secours Ministries also believes that the struggle for a more humane world is not an option it is an integral part of spreading the Gospel. Therefore faithful to the charism of Bon Secours Gods gift of compassion leading to healing and liberation Bon Secours Ministries as sponsor of Bon Secours Health System call all within this ministry to commit to Foster a workplace wherein a deep sense of meaning and value strengthens co-workers ministry experience Celebrate the gift of diversity and inclusion both within the work environment and the wider community Provide quality health and wellness care that is accessible to all in the communities we serve particularly people who are marginalized Create collaborations and partnerships with others that liberate an innovative response to social and community needs Steward the resources of the ministry in creative and pioneering ways to ensure sustainability Advocate strongly to promote communities of healing and wholeness in order to end all forms of violence and oppression Collaborate to expand and sustain a commitment to support global ministries where it is needed Promote the integrity of the environment and ecological health Together we pledge to support each other to be accountable to these commitments and the promise we make to be good help to those in need. Based on the 2014 Congregation Chapter Commitment Statement and Constitutions of the Congregation of Sisters of Bon Secours of Paris January 2 2015. F F F FF F F F F F F FF